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We offer two categories of bridge products:

(TM) Bridges are craftsman-built super-detailed bridges made here in the USA. Made from aircraft grade Aluminum, these bridges will be a focal point on your layout. Each bridge has come with a unique serial number and a Bridgewerks* build plate, plus hundreds of embossed rivets done by hand in a 2 ton foot-press. Each Bridgewerks bridge is a work of art...  

DESIGN-Line Aluminum bridges are an attractive,  well-engineered and highly functional line of bridges that offer great value. With less detail than our BRIDGEWERKS (TM)  line, these strong and lightweight  bridges will look great on your layout. Our Drawbridges have been very popular.

We have stock of most bridges, but anticipate a busy 2024 season. Please order your dream bridge soon.

New: expanded Planning Guide for curved bridges. 

This customer combined TWO painted 79" Rosecrans Bridgewerks Bridges, plus his own creativity, to make this amazing UP train display. 

JP office display 4_edited.jpg
JP office display 3_edited.jpg
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