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Products to help you enjoy your trains even more...

Since re-starting the brand in 2021, the new Split Jaw Products has been proud to introduce our versions of the great Split Jaw rail clamps, plus in 2023, our reliable stainless steel track. And, just because we love bridges almost as much as we love trains, we have a growing line of Bridges and other track accessories.


Re-building the Split Jaw line has been fun, but also a challenge. SInce Split Jaw Rail clamps were first introduced in 1996, Copper (the majority element in Brass) has gone from less than $1.00/lbs to almost $4/lbs. Skill wages and other costs are nearly triple, but we are OK with paying our employees fairly. We keep costs under control by using cutting-edge production methods such as CNC automatic machining, Laser cutting/engraving and 3D Printing. We hope you will enjoy our humble contributions to our great hobby. Our main produciton facility is in PEACHTREE CITY, Georgia. Feel free to drop us a note in the Contact Us form below.

We cannot stand still. In late 2023 we took every bit of profit the business had ever made, and purchased 2 new production machines. We hope this move pays off when the new products start appearing in mid 2024.


We are model train lovers just like you, so we hope you will find something to love in our web store. We are especially excited to introduce our SJP Custom Shop, where we offer the highest quality custom, semi-custom and hard-to-find large scale models.


Stay tuned and refresh your browser often so you don't miss any updates and new products.


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One history of Split Jaw Rail Clamps (courtesy of Jeff Lange, Rose City Garden RR Club)

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