CURVED Bridge - Single Track

CURVED Bridge - Single Track

Our all-new G scale curved bridge system features 100% Aluminum material, that will hold up for years of outdoor use. May be Powder-coated or Painted, or left in natural Aluminum finish.


These are purchased per section, with 3 different radii available. The sections can be connected with zip ties, or simple mechanical hardware. Look for more ideas to come, as our creative customers share their ideas.

If not in stock, shipping is 10-14 weeks. Each section comes with built-in walkway and handrail as shown. Your LGB or similar dimension track will fit securely in the center channel (Track not included). For our photo shoot, we use aluminum saw horses and E8 Engine that are not included.


Due to the wide variety of possible installation conditions, we do not offer support piers. Shipping quote will be calculated after your order.


Each bridge is 10.5 “ wide including the walkways and handrails. We offer 3 radii ( Please NOTE: these are LGB Radius ):


R2, 61.4" Dia, 30 Degrees per section. $235/section

R3, 94" Dia, 22.5 Degrees per section. $265/section

R5, 182.8" Dia, 15 Degrees per section. $298/section


Need a double track version? Please contact us.

  • Curved Bridge Section Details:

    R2 section, 30.7" R, 61.4" Diameter, 30 Degrees per section (3 sections needed to make 90 Degrees).  

    R3 section, 47" R, 94"" Dianeter, 22.5 Degrees per section. (4 sections needed to make 90 Degrees).  

    R5 section, 91.4" R, 182.8" Dia, 15 Degrees per section. Chord/Section length: 24" (down center line of track), weight approx 4 lbs each section.  $298/section. (6 sections needed to make 90 Degrees).