DOUBLE Track Arch top Drawbridge

DOUBLE Track Arch top Drawbridge


DOUBLE TRACK Aluminum Draw bridge now with multiple options for opening length. You may now choose 32", 36" or 40" opening sections, for those who might need longer openings for mowers/tools, wheelchairs, carts,etc. ** Please note: our popular line of double track drawbridges are experiencing a production delay caused by the USPS losing not one, but TWO packages with our special subcomponents. We are working to recover asap. New orders are anticipated to ship by Q1 2023. **


At checkout you will be asked to choose your center-to-center track spacing. TRACK SPACING CHOICES: STANDARD Track center-to-center spacing is 180mm or approximately 7".  Inside width clearance is 15". OPTIONAL (no extra cost, but may have longer time needed for shipment)Track center-to-center spacing is 203mm or approximately 8". Inside width clearance is approximately 16".


Each Split Jaw drawbirdge comes in two sections: 1 Hinge piece + Opening section assembly, and 1 Landing section. Hinge section, and landing section are each approximately 8" long. 



32" opening section = 48" installed total length*

36" opening section = 52" installed total length*

40" opening section = 56" installed total length*



7" track spacing = approx. 15" inside clearance, approx 16.5" total width

8" track spacing = approx. 16" inside clearance, approx 17.5" total width


*Installed total length allows for approximately 0.5"  gap for the rails to extend past the opening section. This will vary according to installation conditions.


We recommend  use with two sets of our Drop-in Lift-Out rail clamps. If you run track power, we suggest also adding 4 pairs of our light duty power connectors to bring power across the rail gap at the hinge.


    If not in stock, bridges are running 9-12 weeks to build. 

    32" opening section => 48" installed length

    36" opening section => 52" installed length

    42" opening section => 58" installed length


    We estimate a flat rate to ship across the USA. If it is more, we will advise you before processing the order.