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Next Generation  auto shuttle/reversing unit

Next Generation auto shuttle/reversing unit

SKU: Auto-RU 500 r3

Automatically shuttles your trolley/train back and forth. Designed and produced in the USA, the new Split Jaw 5 Amp Self-Adjusting Shuttle is an accelerating/decelerating back-and-forth reversing unit with complete hands-off operation. NEW for version R3: we have upgraded to allow intermediate stop capability, and adjustable pause timer. We recommend a minimum run of 10ft between stops.


This unit will sense the ends of the track and self-adjust to provide a very realisitic slowdown and then creep to a stop. The track ends are sensed using a pair of Split Jaw insulating rail clamps, plus easy to install diodes (all included). Want an intermediate stop? Add a Station Stop kit (containing a magnet and reed switch) for only $12.00. 


The Reversing Shuttle has a robust 5 Amp capacity, so you can have a train with lights, sound and smoke going and still not overload it. It can control standard DC trains right out of the box. DCC trains can be controlled when used with a "PWM to DC" conversion unit.


For outdoor use, we offer an optional weather-resistant enclosure. This enclosure is perfectly sized for the unit. 

  • Reversing Shuttle FAQ:

    Q: How many wires will it take to hook up?

    A: One pair from your trackout terminals on your controller, another pair from the Reversiing Shuttle, to your track.

    Q: How much power can it handle?

    A: 5 amps DC draw. For comparison, an LGB trolley with lights on, draws about 1.2 Amps.

    Q: My Trolley does not stop at one end, what did I do wrong?

    A: Check these two tings 1) that your rail has a good insulating break (i.e. that rail is not touching), 2) check that your diode is facing the right way (i.e. check that the light-colorted bond on the diode faces in the same track direction as the diode at the other end of the track).

    Q: I hooked everything up, gave it throttle, nothing happens.

    A:  The diodes only work in one polarity. Move the DIRECTION switch to the oppostite setting. 

    Q: How long of a track can I have?

    A:  Any length in which you have good continuous electrical connections. I.e., if your trains currently run well across the track planned for the shuttle, then installaing the shuttle will not change that. We have had customer reports of shelf and overhead layout runs over 100ft (30 meters) long.

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