Set of 3 LGB Amfleet cars

Set of 3 LGB Amfleet cars


Excellent condition. ONE LGB G Scale 33224 Amtrak Amfleet Cafe Car Phase IV 20035 PLUS TWO COACHES 33220 separate numbers. A complete train. Please see photos. Awesome! The lights work and cars roll like new. Let me know if you have any questions.

These ride on two four-wheel trucks and is painted in Amtrak's current Phase IVb livery, though LGB calls it Phase V. The Cafe Car wears number 20035. All have highly detailed exteriors featuring opening side doors, drop-down steps, and an elaborate undercarriage. All eight wheels are metal and power the switchable interior lighting. Each car has an LGB Amfleet Car box and foam insert, but the Cafe Car is actually in a coach car box.

Café cars are a part of most Amtrak passenger trains, and this model of car number 20035 represents a café car in the current Phase IV livery. Together with the matching Phase IV passenger coaches (two of LGB 33220) and a Genesis loco (not included but listed separately), you can create a complete Amtrak train. Features opening doors, interior lighting, interior furnishings and metal wheels. Original boxes included.

Any questions or need more photos please do not hesitate to ask.

Length: 31.5”

Between 1975 and 1978, Budd Company built 86 Amfleet I cafe cars. There are Amfleet II Cafe Cars that were built between 1981 and 1983, though those only have a vestibule on one end. There are many variations of Amfleet Cafe Cars, including the version modeled by LGB with six tables at one end, a snack bar in the middle, followed by another eight tables. The Cafe Cars were designed to operate at speeds up to 125 miles per hour and each is equipped with a restroom. The car's heating and air conditioning are powered by the locomotive. The Amfleet coach is 85 feet long, 12 feet 8 inches tall, 10 feet 6 inches wide, and weighs about 110,000 pounds. Amfleet rolling stock can be found in the northeast, south, and midwest United States.

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