NEW Dwarf Signal (pair)

NEW Dwarf Signal (pair)

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Add color and realism to your G scale layout. 2 per package. Available in Black or Silver. Our new Dwarf signals are easy to use, and built for outdoors. We use a fiberglass reinforced polymer that can withstand over 200 Degrees C.  Each light can display Red or Green aspects, depending on how you install it. Use these in fixed-mode (hardwired to the color of your choice) or attach to your own switch or control system. 


Each light has potted, moisture-resistant electronics inside a durable 3D printed PETG housing. No wispy wiring for us - we use a robust oversized wire that is easy to solder, or attach to a connector. Our LEDs will operate from approximately 11V DC up to 24V DC. We designed our dwark signals so users would have the option to connect them directly to track power, or to a control system of your choice. Sorry but we do not include any sensors or other control electronics - just a simple, reliable, signal.


Prototype use guideline: North American Railroads installed these on the right-hand side (i.e. Engineer side) of the track. Trackside dwarf signals were used to indicate the turnout position: typically one on the approach side and two on the diverging side. 


Wiring is easy. Tested in hot, wet subtropical Georgia weather. As shown and sold at the 2022 ECLSTS in Annapolis MD.

  • Specifications

    Operating power: 11V - 24V DC.

    Bulb type: LED (dual color - Green/Red)

    Wiring: Red/Green/Common, multistrand wire

    Suitable for Outdoors, but may be damaged if immersed in water.

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