LGB AMTRAK Genesis No.60

LGB AMTRAK Genesis No.60

LGB G 20490 AMTRAK GENESIS DIESEL. Used very good condition


No box. Road number 60. This engine had a sound card that went bad, so we removed it. What you have now is a DC engine that runs great but has no sound.. Please see the photo showing the former sound card board mount. DISCOUNTED $14.95 SHIPPING. 


Tested, runs very smooth. Lights are neat, the ditch lights are terrific. Like all LGB, it runs on tight curves. This model has been moderately used. We have shown photos of both trucks, so you get an accurate idea of the wear.

As far as we can see, all of the detail parts are present including the fragile rear view mirror. Please study the photos.


Amtrak’s Genesis AMD103 diesel locos are the most modern and popular passenger locomotives in America today. In addition to the advanced technology under the hood, the Genesis features futuristic styling that distinguishes it from traditional American diesels.

With this LGB replica of the AMD103, you can bring your own American passenger operations up to date. The superdetailed body features opening doors leading to the full cab interior. Twin Bühler motors provide plenty of power for long distance trains, and automatic directional lighting is standard. 


27.6 in. 8.6 lbs10 Lamps 2 Motors