All-aluminum motorized turntable

All-aluminum motorized turntable

Pricing: 32” (shown) @$1899, 36” @ $2024, 48" @ $2275.


6-7 weeks delivery. All TT models are motorized (with two motors) and come with a PIKO fob remote control, plus a 14.8v battery, built-in. All models feature the same dual motors, materials and mechanisms. The TT’s are very sturdy - we’ve put a 50 lbs die cast USA Trains Big Boy on the 60” prototype and the TT didn’t even strain. Check out our video to see the precise and slow turning which will make aligning the tracks easy.


VERY IMPORTANT: we do not have powered rails, so this TT comes ready for Battery Powered or Live Steam locos only. With simple block-style track wiring, this can be adapted for track power. Best if you ask us before ordering to see if this modification fits your modeling skills.


The material is heavy gauge aluminum.


Simple Controls:

- On/Off/Charge toggle

- Battery Charging connection*


Comes in 2 Pieces:

- Durable powder-coated pit with removable rail

- Turntable Bridge/Deck assembly (lift-out design is easily removable to protect from rain/snow)



- Charge the battery*

- Mount your pit**

- Connect your track***


* 14.8V Lithium RC battery charger not included

** If an outdoor installation, please plan ahead for drainage. E.g. user should drill 1/4" dia. drainage holes to prevent flooding of the pit.

*** pit rail is included, turntable deck track is not

  • Key Dimensions:

    Bridge Size        Outer Lip Dia.        Pit Depth       Approx total Wt.

        32"                                  36"                         2.25"                  28lbs

        36"                                  40"                         2.25"                 38lbs

        48"                                  52"                         2.25"                 64lbs