79 inch Rosecrans truss bridge. Super detailed

PHOTOS coming Summer 2022. Absent for many years, we have refurbished all tools and fixtures to bring these back to G scale. Stunning in it's size and detail. Gorgeous embossed rivet detail built using aircraft grade aluminum. Cast functional aluminum feet and serialized builders plate included. This is the original Bridgewerks design. Modeled after a prototype in California.


Available as single track or double track versions: both versions have 11" inside height clearance.


Single Track Version

Length       Width       Height       Inside       Inside       Foot-to

Overall       Overall      Overall*    Height     Width       Bridge Deck**


  79"              11.25"         14.75"          11"         8.25"            2.5"


Double Track Version

Length       Width       Height       Inside     Inside       Foot-to

Overall       Overall      Overall*    Height   Width       Bridge Deck**


  79"               16.25"         14.75"         11"        13.25"          2.5"


*includes bridge feet.

** depth of abutment ledge



Hand built by craftsmen in Florida’s Gulf Coast. All new, using upgraded and refreshed tooling and fixtures.


Bare aluminum will show scuffs, and light scratches may be present from the assembly process. If you want black, green or other colors, buyers can get them painted. Do not powder coat.

  • Split Jaw bridge installation guide

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